Maleku Indigenous Reserve

Maleku Indigenous Reserve

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

6 Hours

$111 Per Person

Every Day at 8:00 am

Local Flavor at Maleku Indian Reserve

- Learn the way of life of the Maleku Indian Reserve indigenous groups in the present day
- Hike through the village and trail in the forest
- Enjoy a dance presentation with dialogue in the native Maleku language and customary dress

The Maleku Indian Reserve is located in the northern region of Costa Rica. The reserve is home to three different towns, known as Palenques Margarita, Tonjibe y El Sol, all within the 2993 hectare territory. The population is 1000, and 80% speak the native dialect called MalekuJaica. The purpose of this tour is to allow us to learn the way of life of these indigenous groups in the present day and what they have done to keep their customs and traditions alive.

Our tour begins at 8:00 am from La Fortuna. After a 1 hour drive through the northern plains we will arrive at the Indian community Palenque Tonjibe and be warmly received by their people. After a short presentation, we will begin a hike through the village to observe many important aspects of this special place, such as the way they bury their dead, the antique type of home structures, and their art work and craftsmanship which currently provide a means of income, the use of cocoa in their farming, and the creation of their clothing. Later we will continue our hike through a trail in the forest in order to learn about medicinal plants that our ancestors used, and how they are currently benefitting from them. Here we will also observe some antique huacas or indigenous tombs.

Finally we will pass through a Palenque were we will be treated to a dance presentation with dialogue in the native Maleku language and customary dress, followed by a traditional Maleku meal. Around 1:00 pm, we will have completed our visit to this village and will begin our return to La Fortuna.

Bilingual naturalist guide with ICT certification, reserve entrance fee and material with supporting information, liability policy.

Standard Tour:
Minimum 2 guests.

Children must be at least 4 years old

Typical lunch

Bottled water

Hiking shoes or sneakers, comfortable clothing, rain coat, insect repellent.

Meeting Location
Transportation from the hotel with A/C vans
Pick ups in hotels that are located to far from La Fortuna town or the main road to the Volcano can have extra charge.

Call (520) 445-6812 for more information or to book today! Mention code 13621528

Tour Operator
Project Expedition
Offer valid through 10/8/2017
1 Days
Escorted - Yes
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level - Easy
Day 1La FortunaLocal Flavor at Maleku Indian Reserve.
ContinuedLa FortunaHiking.

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