Arenal COMBO : Lost Canyon Adventures + Canopy Ziplining

Arenal COMBO : Lost Canyon Adventures + Canopy Ziplining

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

9 Hours

$135 Per Person

Every Day at 7:00 am


- Hike through the forest and rappel down waterfalls
- Zip line from tree to tree above the rainforest canopy
- Experience a free fall drop from a 200ft waterfall
- Enjoy a delicious lunch at the Canyon Cafe before heading to your zip lining adventure.

Come see the lush Costa Rican rainforest from two different perspectives! Get wet and wild hiking through the forest and rappelling down waterfalls, then soar above the rainforest canopy as you zipline from tree to tree like Tarzan! This day is full of adventure and is the perfect way to get to know the real Costa Rican jungle!

Canyoneering is more than just rappelling; its a full-body workout! Use your arms, legs, and hands to climb through Mother Natures obstacle course: Youll be jumping into pools, sliding down a natural waterslide, sitting under waterfalls, pulling yourself up some rocks and helping yourself down others. Youll finish your adventure with a 200 ft waterfall drop -- rappelling part of the way and then letting go of the reins to experience a guided free fall drop! Talk about adrenaline!

Then, relax and enjoy a delicious lunch at the Canyon Cafe before heading to your ziplining adventure. We will then take you back to your hotel for a quick break (you can request to stay in the La Fortuna downtown area) where you wait to be picked-up for your next adventure... the quintessential ziplining in Costa Rica!

There are 13 cables in total that reach up to 850 meters long - some of the longest ziplines in the world. During this canopy zipline tour in Arenal, you will find yourself high above the rainforest canopy with amazing views of the surrounding hills, mountains, rivers and the majestic Arenal Volcano forming the best picturesque backdrop. This Arenal combo tour with canyoning and ziplining is sure to get your heart racing and is one of our most-popular Arenal Combo tour options.

Go Canyoning, then get picked up and change into dry clothes before heading to the ziplines!

Transport to/from your hotel in our WiFi equipped vans
Fun and professional guides who love what they do
Home-cooked meal
Lots of adventure

Standard Tour:
Minimum 2 guests.

No age requirements.


Secure shoes
Clothes to get wet in
A change of clothes for after the tour
Appetite for adventure

Meeting Location
Door-to-door service and pick up at your hotel in the La Fortuna area in Zone 1. Clients staying outside of Zone 1 will be required to pay an additional fee.

Hotel pickup available!

Call (520) 445-6812 for more information or to book today! Mention code 13621500

Tour Operator
Project Expedition
Offer valid through 10/8/2017
1 Days
Escorted - Yes
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level - Moderate
Day 1La FortunaCanyoning.
ContinuedLa FortunaZiplining.

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DatePrice / DescriptionQuote
10/06/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
$135.00* (USD) / Per Person
$135.00* (USD) / Per Person
10/07/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/08/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
$135.00* (USD) / Per Person
10/09/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/10/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/11/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/12/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/13/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/14/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/15/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/16/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/17/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/18/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/19/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/20/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/21/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/22/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/23/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/24/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/25/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/26/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/27/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/28/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/29/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/30/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/31/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/01/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/02/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/03/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/04/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/05/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/06/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/07/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/08/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/09/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/10/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/11/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/12/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/13/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/14/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/15/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/16/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/17/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/18/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/19/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/20/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/21/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/22/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/23/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/24/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/25/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/26/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/27/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/28/2017$135.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote


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