Overnighter To Turneffe

San Pedro, Belize

2 Days

$731 Per Person

Every Day at 8:00 am

Scuba Diving at Turneffe Atoll, Turneffe Atoll - Elbow, and Great Blue Hole
Relaxation & Fun

- 5 Dives at various sites around Turneffe
- Eat freshly caught fish and ceviche cooked on a camp fire
- Play volleyball, horseshoes at night

Our signature trip, an overnighter to Turneffe. Come join us and have a wonderful time in the Turneffe atoll. We will have several dives and also camp on a privately owned island.

- Camping equipment
- Diving equipment

Standard Tour:
Minimum 4 guests.

No age requirements.


All meals are included. Many are prepared with fish caught from the boat and turned into the freshest ceviche you'll ever have!


Meeting Location
Hotel/Resort Pick-Up or at our dock.

Hotel pickup available!

Call (520) 445-6812 for more information or to book today! Mention code 13136787

Tour Operator
Project Expedition
2 Days
Escorted - Yes
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level - Moderate
Day 1San PedroScuba Diving at Turneffe Atoll. Our signature trip is an overnighter to Turneffe. Our group of friends leaves San Pedro Town in our 38 dive boat and we head South for the Turneffe atoll.
ContinuedSan PedroScuba Diving at Turneffe Atoll - Elbow. Upon arriving at the islands we spend the day diving various sites including the famous Elbow (one of the worlds top rated dive sites).
ContinuedSan PedroCamping. The group sets up camp on a privately owned island in the atoll.
Day 2San PedroVolleyball. Volleyball, horseshoes, and ever evolving beach games often go on well into the night.
ContinuedSan PedroLeisure. Waking to a sunrise on a tiny island in the Caribbean is an experience that is hard to beat.
ContinuedSan PedroScuba Diving at Great Blue Hole. The second day includes more incredible dives around the atoll or a trip to the world famous Blue Hole.
ContinuedSan PedroSnorkeling. This trip is a total of 5 dives and some really great snorkeling.
ContinuedSan PedroRelaxation & Fun. We return to San Pedro Town in time for happy hour at the Pier Lounge where we enjoy movies and photos from the trip. This trip is always very popular for both guests and staff and is a great way to experience the natural beauty that Belize has to offer.

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DatePrice / DescriptionQuote
10/11/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/12/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/13/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/14/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/15/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/16/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/17/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/18/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/19/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/20/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/21/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/22/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/23/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/24/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/25/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/26/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/27/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/28/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/29/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/30/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
10/31/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/01/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/02/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/03/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/04/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/05/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/06/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/07/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/08/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/09/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/10/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/11/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/12/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/13/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/14/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/15/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/16/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/17/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/18/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/19/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/20/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/21/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/22/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/23/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/24/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/25/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/26/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/27/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
11/28/2017$731.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
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