Nitrox Certification

San Pedro, Belize

1 Day

$180 Per Person

Every Day at 10:00 am

Scuba Diving

- Get Nitrox certified
- Substantially increase your bottom time

Enriched Air, sometimes called Nitrox, is air that has been enriched with a higher percentage of oxygen than what we normally breathe. For the purpose of enriched air no decompression diving, you will learn to use enriched air with 22% to 40% oxygen.
Although enriched air is relatively new to recreational diving, military and commercial divers have been using it to extend their bottom times for nearly 60 years. The United States Navy and British Navy have used enriched air since the 1940s. The United States Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has more than 25 years experience with enriched air. Recreational Divers have made thousands of enriched air dives successfully. Through these data and this field experience, the no decompression limits for enriched air are considered as reliable as those used for normal air.

Through the reduction of the nitrogen in the breathing mixture, you will be able to substantially increase your bottom times. A dive made to 50 feet on air, has a no decompression limit of 80 minutes, according to the PADI Recreational AIR Dive Planner. The same dive made on 36% Oxygen Enriched Air would give you a bottom time of 220 minutes. However as you increase the oxygen exposure; you also increase the hazards of oxygen toxicity. Much of what you will learn in the Nitrox program deals with keeping your oxygen exposure within safe limits. Is it time to try nitrox diving?

Standard Tour:
No minimum group size.

No age requirements.

Meeting Location
All tours begin at the Amigos Del Mar dock. Pick-ups 3-4 miles north and south of the dock are included.

Hotel pickup available!

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Tour Operator
Project Expedition
1 Days
Escorted - Yes
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level - Moderate
Day 1San PedroScuba Diving.

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Scuba Diving
Must be open water certified to take this course.
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